Two CBCTC affiliated local unions team up to open healthcare centers

On April 17, IBEW Local 38 and Laborers’ Local 310 celebrated the opening of two healthcare centers to provide their combined 7,500 members and families with a number of valuable medical services.

The health and wellness centers, located in Beachwood and Brooklyn, will help contain healthcare costs, while improving the continuum of care for the Cleveland Building Trades affiliated local union members.

All services performed at both locations are provided free of charge to eligible participants in the Local 310 and Local 38 affiliated health and welfare funds.

Vermont-based Marathon Health, LLC will operate and manage both facilities, which were created to be responsive to the needs and work schedules of union construction workers, while also ensuring members and their families have access to the proper care by the right providers.

“We are happy to team up with Laborers Local 310 to provide medical services, physical therapy, coaching and counseling for our members and their families,” said IBEW Local 38 Business Manager and Financial Secretary Dennis Meaney. “We believe that Marathon Health will provide the right services to keep our members mentally and physically fit to perform their construction jobs so that they can have great careers and healthy lives.”

The health centers are staffed by a physician, a physician assistant, a family nurse practitioner, three medical assistants, a physical therapist and a licensed professional counselor.

Marathon Health will collaborate with other regional health systems and wellness providers. Services at the health centers include health assessments, acute care, wellness coaching, physical therapy and counseling.

“The quality of healthcare for chronic and acute diseases and injuries in northeast Ohio equals and exceeds care anywhere else in the world due to the world class leadership of three major hospital systems headquartered in Cleveland,” said Terence P. Joyce, Business Manager of Local 310. “Our members have helped build these medical institutions from the ground up. Now, we are using the health and welfare fund to enhance acute care, prevention and lifelong wellness to assure the health and productivity for construction workers and their families.”

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