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Rich Cordray

By Dave Wondolowski
Executive Secretary, CBCTC

I hope that all of you had a safe and happy Labor Day. Our work has been non-stop and there are many more projects planned to begin over the next 24 to 36 months.

When work is as good as it has been, I would imagine that many of you don’t take the time to think about or pay attention to politics. You may read a headline here or there or listen to the local news on the radio, but it certainly takes a lot of time to really follow what is going on.

CBCTC Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski

For instance, were you aware that the Republican-controlled State House in Ohio, led by disgraced speaker, Cliff Rosenburger, was seeking to slash unemployment benefits for the jobless?

That’s right! They wanted to cut your unemployment benefits by up to $800 per month! They also proposed
to reduce the number of weeks you could collect!

Big business leaders were pushing hard to make the cuts happen, but fortunately, with a lot of work from ACT Ohio, we were able to stop it, for now.

Indeed, the solvency of our unemployment system is shaky and it’s true that Ohio has borrowed money from the federal government to pay benefits in the past, but hacking the aid for our unemployed can’t be tolerated.

This issue alone was probably the most critical crisis that I’ve dealt with since being elected in 2013. To think that being laid off due to inclement weather or a slow-down in work could mean losing your home because you couldn’t make the payments due to those steep cuts was frightening.

It was no less important to me then fending off a So-Called “Right to Work” threat or an attack on Prevailing Wage.

These cuts would have personally hurt anyone who needed benefits.

Because we know that a proposal to cut unemployment will be heard again, we need a solid back stop to make sure that our voices are heard, someone that understands us and respects the nature of the work that we do.

Brothers and Sisters, Rich Cordray stands with us. Rich Cordray believes that workers need a safety net in cases when they are in between jobs. He realizes that the proposed cuts would have devastated our members and hurt our economy.

We need Rich Cordray to protect us from the huge corporations that don’t think twice when laying off hundreds of workers at a time to protect profits.

You can’t cast a ballot for Rich Cordray unless you are registered to vote. The deadline to register to vote or to update your voter information is Oct. 9.

Also, early in-person and absentee voting begins on Oct. 10. Visit your local Board of Elections website to register to vote, to apply vote as an absentee voter or for dates and times for early in-person voting.

As this column is titled, elect your job, your family and your future first! Help to protect your unemployment benefits by electing Rich Cordray to be Ohio’s next Governor!


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