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New Speaker of Ohio House Not Interested in Anti-Union Legislation

The new Republican elected Speaker of the Ohio House, Larry Householder, has promised building trade unions and Democrats he will not support proposed legislation considered anti-union. By a 52-45 count, Rep. Larry Householder (R-Glenford) was elected Speaker thanks in large part to the chamber’s Democrats, who voted overwhelmingly for him[…] Read More →

Wondolowski discusses 2019 political course of action on America’s Work Force Radio

On Dec. 11, Dave Wondolowski, Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary, discussed what the building trades will do following the 2018 midterm elections, on his monthly America’s Work Force Radio appearance. Despite Republican control of Ohio, which includes Ohio’s statewide elected offices and a super majority in both[…] Read More →

Ohio Building Trades Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Duffey Retires

Dennis Duffey, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council since 2009, retired on Sept. 1, ending a career in the building trades that spanned 45 years. The state building trades executive board voted their president, former UA Local 776 Business Manager and former President of the Lima[…] Read More →

Take some time to think, prepare for the election

By Dave Wondolowski Executive Secretary, CBCTC I hope that all of you had a safe and happy Labor Day. Our work has been non-stop and there are many more projects planned to begin over the next 24 to 36 months. When work is as good as it has been, I[…] Read More →

Labor Leaders react to Janus ruling

International, state and regional union leaders offered reactions to the predictable outcome of the Supreme Court case, Janus v. AFSCME. The ruling essentially granted so-called “Right to Work” in public-sector unions throughout the country. Lonnie Stephenson, International President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers said the ruling was an[…] Read More →

Efforts to fix Unemployment Fund will hurt building trades members

Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski was recently a guest on America’s Workforce Radio, where he spoke with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc, about Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Fund solvency issue. Attempts were made to fix the broken system, but the proposed changes would have hurt members of[…] Read More →

Legislators Consider New Unemployment Compensation Bill

A new bill aimed at fixing Ohio’s broken Unemployment Compensation Fund has been introduced in the State House. The Columbus Dispatch reported State Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) introduced House Bill 382 in October, which would require workers to individually contribute to the benefit system, reduce benefits for the unemployed and increase[…] Read More →

ACT Ohio Adds Current Prevailing Wage Information To Their Website

Affiliated Construction Trades (ACT) Ohio has unveiled a new Prevailing Wage section on their website that allows the public to view the current Prevailing Wage for varius trades from every county in Ohio. Prevailing Wage laws require construction contractors who work on publicly funded projects to pay construction workers at[…] Read More →