Let me clarify what’s at stake in November

Richard Cordray

By Dave Wondolowski
Executive Secretary, CBCTC

CBCTC Executive Secretary Dave Wondolowski

I want to begin by thanking all of you who read my column from last month. I would also like to thank each of you who did what I asked and are now looking at your choices in the upcoming election through a new set of lenses.

As this column is titled, we must elect our jobs, families and futures first. Let’s take a minute to clarify what this really means.

Electing Jobs

We need to elect a governor who supports economic development, which is the lifeblood for our industry. Whether we are talking about manufacturing, steel production, mining, automotive or building construction, these are just some examples of industries that have a profound impact on our jobs.

Without support from a friendly governor, big business leaders will be looking for ways to do all this work without us. Rich Cordray supports us and supports these industries!

Electing Families

Please close your eyes for a moment and imagine not having a job and not having a union fighting to get you out to work. Maybe you’re married and have a few little ones at home. How do you provide for them and support them with good health insurance?

Without unions, wages will plummet. There will be nowhere to turn for a decent paying job, not to mention one with benefits. Things like tuition for private schools or college, family vacations and a decent pick-up truck won’t be realistic anymore.

Without strong unions, families will suffer! Rich Cordray supports our unions and he supports our families!

Electing Futures

This one is real simple folks. Without jobs and families, the future doesn’t look too promising. Rich Cordray supports our futures by supporting the strength of our jobs and the economic vitality of our families!

The latest polling shows that Rich Cordray can indeed be Ohio’s next Governor. Let’s make sure that happens on Nov. 6!

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