IBEW Local 38 honored a member for life-saving action

IBEW Local 38 recently honored Darryl Kurian for saving the life of a baby.

Recently, IBEW Local 38 honored a member for actions taken to save the life of an infant.

Local 38 Business Manager Dennis Meaney presented Darryl Kurian, 43, of Kirtland, with a certificate of recognition for his brave actions.

The 18-year member was honored for heroic actions he took on a cold day in October 2016.

“We are all very proud of Darryl for putting himself in a potentially dangerous position to help to rescue a baby,” said Meaney. “It says a lot about what he is made of for reacting like that.”

IBEW Local 38 member Darryl Kurian

IBEW Local 38 member Darryl Kurian was working in North Ridgeville when he saved the life of a baby.

While working in North Ridgeville near the Lear Nagle Road and Lorain Road intersection, Kurian was pulling a mile run of fiber optic cable lines for traffic systems and when he heard the loud sound of plastic striking asphalt around 10 a.m.

With his back to the road, he did not see a car pull out of the BP gas station and a car seat fly out the door. He did however, hear the car seat strike the ground, which caught his attention and caused him to turn around.

Kurian then saw the car seat bounce off the ground and a baby’s shoe fly into the air. Without thinking, he raced into the street.

“I didn’t look to see if traffic was coming,” said Kurian. “Instinct just took over.”

He ran to the car seat, turned it over and saw a crying baby strapped into the car seat clutching a bag of pretzels. Fortunately, the baby was not bleeding.

Kurian saved the life of an infant after the child's car seat fell out of a moving vehicle.

Kurian saved the life of an infant after the child’s car seat fell out of a moving vehicle.

A cement mason was working near the scene on another project and arrived shortly after Kurian. They then took the car seat, with the child still strapped in, over to the sidewalk and called 9-1-1.

After first responders looked over the baby and the police looked at the gas station security video to determine it was an accident, the baby was allowed to leave the scene with her mother.

Kurian’s actions are another example of how building trades members go above and beyond the call of duty.

“Our members have a lot of character and I have seen this type of action from several of our members who have been recognized for things like saving someone who was drowning or coming to the rescue of people who were involved in serious job site accidents,” said Meaney.

The Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council congratulates Darryl Kurian for his heroic and unselfish actions.

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