A Rich Cordray vote supports a plan that includes us

Richard Cordray

Brothers and sisters, I hope that you are all enjoying a prosperous summer with all the work that we have right now.

I write to you again this month, to further spread the message about our endorsed candidates for this November’s gubernatorial election. When elected, Rich Cordray and his running mate for Lieutenant Governor, Betty Sutton will fight for us.

I’ve not mentioned this in my two previous columns, but Betty Sutton is the proud daughter of a Union Boilermaker!

She watched her dad go to work every day as she grew up and it inspired her to work hard and to be honest.

She went on to college and then law school and became a labor lawyer. Realizing the many benefits she enjoyed because of her dad being a Union member, she made the conscious decision to stand with us and fight on our side.

Whether it was through labor negotiations, worker compensation cases, wrongful terminations or any other times that our Unions or our members needed her help, she was there!

She has been a fierce and fiery advocate for unions as an attorney and also as a Congresswoman when she served in Ohio’s 16th District.

I know that this is exactly why Rich Cordray chose Betty Sutton to be his running mate.
I can tell you without doubt that when elected, this will be the first time in many, many decades that Ohio has had a Governor and Lieutenant Governor who both understand exactly what we do every single day.

They know what we’re faced with when the economy slows to a crawl. They realize how vitally important programs like unemployment are if we are laid off, or worker’s compensation is if we are injured on the job.

These are just a few examples that define Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton. This is what embodies their candidacy and campaign.

This is why we are supporting them, and it’s why they need your vote!

Richard Cordrary and Betty Sutton

Richard Cordrary and Betty Sutton

Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton have a plan for Ohio and that plan includes us!

They both know how important it is to keep our economy on pace. They know that a strong economy means jobs for the Building Trades.

They understand that our infrastructure needs work and that includes our public buildings and our schools.

They value our robust apprenticeship and job readiness programs. They realize that these programs offer the skills to Ohioans so that they can have a real career with fair wages, a health care plan and a pension.

Vote Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton on Tuesday, Nov. 6. But you don’t have to wait that long. Early voting begins Oct. 10!

If you or any of your family members are not already registered to vote, please visit your home county’s Board of Elections website and register online! The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 9.

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